We Inspire GIRLS

We Inspire Girls…To be Strong Women, stemmed from the success of We Inspire Women. The initiative is endorsed by The Ministry of Education and will be the platform through which successful Jamaican women who were impacted by similar struggles of our present day high-school girls, such as peer pressure, lack of support at home, negative role models, academic failures, violence, abuse and other impoverished circumstances, share their experiences and how they have triumphed despite the obstacles. We will traverse the island going into various high schools, igniting uplifting messages, through motivational conversations and exploring topics such as Feeding your Focus and Starving your distractions, The Power of NOW and Creating your Vision of Success.

The intent is to show our Jamaican girls that they too can overcome, because many other Jamaican women have done it before in similar situations. They will see living proof of this, during each presentation. We advocate that with the right mindset, along with some practical applications, a life of success academically, professionally, spiritually and personally is possible.

We Inspire Girls To Be Strong Women got under way in Montego Bay on March 7th, 2017 at Mt. Alvernia High and then on to  St. James High School on March 8th. Other schools on the list are Cross Keys High in Manchester, Bridgeport High, Mary Mount High and Wolmer’s Girls, just to name a few. Each week a different school will host the event and will go up to May 2017, the beginning of child’s month. Some of our Speakers include, Diahann Gordon-Harrison – Head of Children’s Advocate Jamaica, Attorney-at-Law, Dianne Edwards – Attorney-At-Law, Mrs. Gladys Brown- Superintendent of Police and Attorney-At-Law, Mrs. Sheree Martin- Senior Vice President JPSco, The Honorable Mrs. Justice Marva McDonald Bishop, Judge of Appeal, Court of Appeal, Rochelle Cameron –VP Legal and Regulatory Jamaica, Cayman and Trinidad and Tobago at Cable and Wireless. … Cable and Wireless Communications, Cable and Wireless Ja., Mrs. Joy Clark- Justice of Peace; Head of Sales (Western) Digicel, Tshani Jaja- Marketing Communications Manager Yello Media Group, Nicola Madden Greig – Group Director of Marketing and Sales at Courtleigh Hotels and Dr. Claudine Lewis.

We Inspire Girls to Be Strong School Tour