Chef Bingy is owned & operated by Certified Health & Wellness coach, Mrs. Cortia Bingham Mckenzie. In this role, we work one-on-one with clients, teaching them about nutrition and developing exercise regimens to help create positive change in their lives. We create individualized plans for clients geared toward meeting their health, wellness, or weight loss goals.

Chef Bingy Consultation

Kickstart your health journey with a 30 minute deep dive into your specific concerns. We will share details about our meal plans and coaching services, tailored to assist you to thrive in a healthy, whole and happy body.



Chef Bingy 10-Day Detox

Our Chef Bingy 10 Days Detox is designed to address pain points such as excess weight gain around the waistline, low energy, unhealthy/high BMI, increased sugar cravings, unhealthy behavioural patterns such as overeating, lack of movement and health concerns that are associated with ageing, that can be addressed through lifestyle changes. We prepare your meals, you get the results.