Following payment, we will send you a Lifestyle & Health History document to complete. Once received, we will use your answers as a guide to ensure that we tailor the program to address your concerns through food. We will curate a plan specific to your goals, taking into consideration any food allergies or aversions, you may have.

Meals are delivered on Mondays and Thursdays, between 9:30 am and 10:30 am in and around Kingston. We can also accommodate Tuesday deliveries, upon request.

We are 90% plant-based except for the use of eggs, on occasion, however, we encourage our clients to eat chicken breast for additional protein, if needed.  Some of the items included (but not limited to) in our plan will range from Vitamin A soups, Kale salads, high-antioxidant protein smoothies, beans stew, curried chickpeas, vegetable wraps and detox green juices.



ALL SOUPS, PROTEIN SMOOTHIES & GREEN JUICES MUST BE STORED IN THE FREEZER. SALADS & BOXED MEALS must be kept in the refrigerator. We do not use food stabilizers or preservatives; therefore, storage instructions must be followed. We do not replace meals.





If this is your first time doing the Chef Bingy Detox, it is recommended that you book a consultation before joining the program.

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