The story of We Inspire Women

The C.E.O and creator of We Inspire Women, Cortia Bingham, had a story to tell and a strong desire to impact change. The story was one of triumph through numerous roadblocks including abuse, domestic violence and mental/emotional entrapment. The yearning to inspire other women by giving voice to her journey, created the palpable action to create a platform that vehemently proclaims one message, “Change your inner conversation…Change your life”


Many perceive the notion of “breaking the glass ceiling”, as an external impetus for women to thrive for better, specifically in their professional lives, but fortunately, the depth and breadth of a woman is greater and certainly more far reaching than that. As a matter of fact, most women prefer not to be cocooned into the space of a ceiling. Generally, women love to soar in all areas of their lives.

We Inspire Women, wholeheartedly believes that as the bedrock of the society, women must be equipped emotionally, mentally and physically to be better wives, mothers, entrepreneurs, friends, employees, bosses and leaders.  It is this belief that has created the biggest women’s weekend in Jamaica, coined, We Inspire Women Workshop & Brunch.

The event started in 2016, as the only event of its kind, where influential Jamaican women became vulnerable and showed their authentic self in order to uplift their tribe, other women. Inspirational stories of hope, endurance and determination, created an atmosphere that was conducive to love and sisterhood. The first year saw over one thousand women (1000), immersing in an experience that ignited their confidence in self and their ability to push pass their pain and get unstuck.

We Inspire Women Workshop

The weekend starts with an inspirational workshop, focusing on different facets, principles and strategies necessary to channel self-love, confidence & fortitude in women. It includes presentations from ten (10) powerful Women, who have honed their journey to success and wish to inspire other women to find their true path to success. Presentations begin at 10 am and end at 5 pm, it is a complete day of re-energizing and rejuvenation for women. Discussions about business, spiritual enlightenment, moving pass abuse of all types and love, are paramount on this day. However, the real stories are told on stage and the audience and the speaker becomes one, in a moment of weakness.  Tears of joy and pain are shared, but the support of other women, make for many breakthroughs and healing. It is a SOUL- FULL day!

Some of our speakers have included powerful Jamaican women, such as,The Honourable Mrs. Justice Sonia Bertram Linton. Judge of the Supreme Court of Jamaica, DPP Ms Paula Llewelyn C.D., Q.C The Honorable Mrs. Justice Marva McDonald Bishop, Judge of Appeal, Diahann Gordon-Harrison, Head of Children’s Advocate, Jamaica, Novia McDonald-Whyte, O.D., Senior editor, The Jamaica Observer, Dr. Claudine Lewis, Cardiologist, Heart Smart Jamaica, Tshani Jaja , Marketing & Communications Manager, YELLO Media Group, Catherine Goodall, Marketing Manager, Beverages, LASCO, Janice Allen, Regional Director, The Jamaica Tourist Board, Naomi Francis, Press Secretary, The Office of The Prime Minister, Jamaica, Gladys Brown Ellis- Superintendent of Police, Attorney-At-Law and Mrs. Donna Duncan -Scott, Head of JMMB


We Inspire Women Brunch

We close the weekend with a fabulous Brunch, that celebrates everything WOMAN. From the décor to the ambiance and powerful aura, guests don their best outfits, which is usually in tandem with the theme of the event. The focus is inner beauty accentuated by one’s outer beauty, which is highlighted by the speakers. Our speakers are successful Jamaican women who also face a myriad of insecurities, but find a way to manage them to still live their best lives.  The Brunch is held at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston, from 11 am to 2 pm. The Brunch is a refreshing, close to an empowering weekend for women.