Treasure in Time

Treasure in Time, will be held at the newly renovated luxury, Jewel Dunn’s River Beach Resort & Spa in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

This is an All Woman Wellness Weekend, which was curated by the We Inspire Ltd. team of women,  to enlighten you on the breathtaking benefits of being still.

What does time in a place of peace, near the sea, in touch with God’s nature, where you are fully catered to, whilst in the presence of other women who seek to design a life of financial, spiritual and emotional wealth do?

You become more clear on the life that you want to create, you are less stressed and you are revitalized and recharged mentally and emotionally, to make decisions that fulfill your purpose. You will also find that….there is Treasure in Time…

Weekend Overview

STRESS & indecision are killers! How do you DE-STRESS & regain ease of mind and clarity after unforeseen changes or tragedy? We promised you that 2018 was going to be a REVOLUTION and we have taken the leap to make this a reality! This weekend of “lux” & abundance, will be the biggest and most impactful suite of events for women who desire to


Treasure in TimeWe Inspire Women Wellness WeekendRELAX. RESTORE. RECHARGEALL - INCLUSIVE Luxury Weekend

Day 1

  • VIP Concierge Reception
  • White Glam Cocktail on the BOARDWALK

Day 2 - Balance Beyond

  • Fit Fab Soiree
  • Balance & Breath …(Meditation)
  • Sponsors Wellness Village
  • Breakfast on the Beach- Beach Chic
  • We Inspire Women Workshop  “Break the Script”

Topics will include:

    • Wealth Building for Women Entrepreneurs
    • One-on-One consultations with JMMB financial advisors (Must be booked in advance)
    • How do you start a business in this Millennium (Company registration, Tax Returns & opening your business account)
    • Maintaining a healthy marriage in this social climate
    • Beauty Tips
    • How to create Happier, Healthier mind & soul habits
    • What to look for when seeking the RIGHT partner for you!
    • Parenting teenagers 101
  • Peak Moment Party

Day 3

  • We Inspire Women Brunch “Hollywood 60s Glam”

Early Bird Payment Details & Terms:


A minimum deposit of 60% is required to reserve your space. This deposit is non-refundable.

Once payment is made, please email the payment confirmation to . Please ensure your name is visible.

Final payment is due on April 30, 2018.

Post final payment, you will receive a confirmation package and further details on our VIP concierge service.

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Kingston, Jamaica.

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